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                                                     Limit of 10 Attendees
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Travel Japan with us!
Next Travel Dates to Be Announced
Organized by Richard Lanza &
Shawn Cornelison
Have you ever wanted to go to Japan?  This exciting vacation takes all the guesswork out of your travel.
Each day you’ll have a choice to join Richard and Shawn as they take you to their favorite places in Tokyo to dine, shop, explore, and have fun.   You'll explore areas of Tokyo including: Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, Yoyogi Park, Asakusa, and Okubo.
The trip also includes an overnight stay in Kyoto (temples & Shrines),  travel to Nara (world famous dear park & shrine), and Kama Kura (home of one of the largest Buddha statues in Japan).
Includes 2 yoga classes and an option to attend a baseball game at Tokyo Dome and an evening of Karaoke.
See more detailed information about the itinerary below...
For more information contact Richard Lanza at
Explore with us...

Restaurant Experience







Two 90-minute Yoga Classes with Richard Lanza & Shawn Cornelison
Vinyasa / Slow Flow
Yin / Restorative
Something really fun!

Have a blast with us at a

A Japanese Karaoke Club & Tokyo Baseball Game!


Contact Richard Lanza at


Organizing Fee: $650 includes, organizing events and 2 yoga classes.

Individuals pay for flight, hotel, transportation, food, entry fees and all other expenses.

These are estimated costs and are not guaranteed.

Plans for this trip must be made by March 1, 2020

Estimated Costs

Meals: $50 - $80 per day = $400 - $640

Airfare:  $1200 - $1900 (Depending on Airlines and Early Booking)

Travel: within Japan, Subway, Taxi, Bullet  Train  $500 - $600

Hotel: $80 - $150 per night $640 -$1350

Organizing Fee: $650 (This fee covers yoga classes and tours / events with Richard or Shawn.

We are not responsible nor guarantee airfare, hotel, or food.   Schedule is subject to change without notice.  Individuals taking this vacation are responsible for payment of airfare, lodgings, food, event tickets, and other travel expenses)


Estimated Total $3290 - $5150

Limit of 10 Attendees

You decide how you to spend your time! The itinerary is subject to change due to weather or other reasons and scheduled portions of the trip are also optional. 

Individuals have a choice to stay longer to explore on their own.

Details 2 Japan

Our goal is to provide you with options to have a really wonderfully enjoyable and diverse experience in Japan.   

This will truely be a life-changing experience through joy, laughter, exploration of culture. 

Below is a general schedule for the trip to Japan.   The schedule will change if need be due to weather conditions or other reasons. All yoga classes are optional if you choose to use the time for doing something else.  

You will have ample time to explore on your own if you choose.  


You also have the option to stay longer.  We can discuss this before booking your flight and hotel.  

If you decide to stay longer we will help you with reservations and provide you with any information or guidance you want. 



You’ll receive easy to follow directs to get you to the bus station in Tokyo.   We’ll meet you there and take you to your hotel.


After getting settled, dinner will be held at an Izakaya restaurant.  Izakaya’s is a great place to have a causal Japanese meal and stay as long as you like.  Izakaya’s have a relaxed atmosphere and many Japanese people come after work and spend hours dinning and drinking with friends.  These types of restaurants allow customers to stay at a table or booth for as long as they like.


During you stay you will have the option of visiting the following location.   If you want to see other locations we will help you get there.  


Put on your walking shoes.  Following the class we will venture to 3 different wards in Tokyo.   Each area is unique to itself with plenty to see , ample shopping, and many dining options.  You’ll have your first experience learning to navigate the Tokyo subway system between areas we go to.  


We’ll start at Shinjuku station, the busiest railway station in the world with over a million people passing through it each day.  One could spend a day exploring this sprawling station. Many train stations in Japan are cities within themselves with shopping areas, food stores, and restaurants.


We will then move on to Harajuku which is known internationally as a center of Japanese youth culture and fashion.  We will explore Takeshita Street, a  truly unique and often busy tiny shopping street  with many boutiques which offer specialize in one of a kind “Harajuku’ fashion.  Moving from Takeshita Street to the main avenue in Harajuku that is home to famous international designers and luxury products.

The next stop will be Shibuya station.  Inside Shibuya station Shawn and I will take you to one of our favorite desert locations, Mr Bean, which offers delicious soy made treats.  Below Shibuya station is a the Tokyu Food Show, a supermarket like you have never seen before!. You’ll be astounded by what is available in this very busy market.

Shibuya is alive with movement.  Outside the station you’ll experience navigating your way through one of the most famous and  iconic street intersections in the world.

After exploring Shibuya we will end the day returning to Shinjuku area to enjoy a relaxing meal at another traditional Japanese restaurants or if you like you'll have an option of attending a Japanese Baseball game at Tokyo Dome.  A Japanese baseball game is more fun than you can imagine.


Karma Kura

Today we change the pace and hop on a train to the scenic small coastal town of Hase, located near Kama Kura.  Hase is home to Buddhist Zen temples and Shinto shrines. Its most recognizable landmark is the Kotoku-in Temple’s Great Buddha, a roughly 45 foot high bronze statue still standing after a 15th-century tsunami.  Nearby is Yuigahama Beach on Sagami Bay is a popular surfing spot.


We will stroll through the town going to Hasedera with its beautiful greenery, flowers, panoramic views, temples, shrines, and museum.


In the evening we will enjoy a scrumptious vegan meal at one of our favorite award winning restaurants in the Shinjuku area.


Meiji Shrine near Yoyogi Park, Asakusa, Okubo, Yoga

Today will be a diverse day between strolling through parks, exploring another temple, walking through the Korean section of Tokyo and ending at a Korean restaurant.


We start with a walk through Yoyogi Park area with its natural beauty and home of the nearby Meiji Shinto Shrine, dedicated to Emporer Meiji.  We’ll then venture to Asakusa with its Buddhist temple dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon


Then for a rathe drastic change of pace we’ll venture to Okubo, the very fast paced Korean section of Tokyo.  Okubo is rich with great shopping spots, Korean Pop music stores, and wonderful restaurants. After resting up you’ll have a choice to attend a Vinyasa Yoga Class in the Okubo area.   We’ll end the day with an authentic Korean barbeque dinner.


Kyoto  & Nara

We will meet and go to Shinagawa Station where to board a ‘bullet train’ or Shinkansen to go to Kyoto. These trains are amazing.  Running at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, the Shinkansen is known for punctuality (most trains depart on time to the second), comfort (relatively silent cars with spacious, always forward facing seats), safety (no fatal accidents in its history) and efficiency.   


Kyoto was the former Imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years. Here we will tour stunning, temples, palaces, shrines, in particular Sanjusangen-do which houses over 1000 life size Bodhisattva statues.  During your tour of Kyoto you will be taken to a very special temple that we discovered that is not known to most Japanese tourists.


We will also venture to Nara, another favorite place of ours. Nara is a short distance from Kyoto and home of the Nara Deer Park. This scenic park not only has shrines and temples but also is home of over 1000 free roaming  and very friendly deer.


For our first evening in Kyoto we will feast one night at a Tofu restaurant and the next, before returning to Tokyo we will have a late lunch at another restaurant offering traditional Japanese style food.


Akihabara, Okachimachi, Ueno Park

We return for another day of touring sections of Tokyo.

We will begin at Akiharbar, often called Electric Town. Akihabara is considered by many to be an otaku cultural center and a shopping district for video games, anime, and manga. We will then travel to close by Ueno Park for a relaxing stroll and then venture to Okachimachi which is a great place to shop and sample food.


For lunch you’ll experience a sushi style restaurant and in the evening well meet to have a meal at restaurants that specializes in Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of vegetarian or non-vegetarian ingredients.


Return Flight (unless you have decided to stay longer)

We will get you to the bus station and get you on the bus so you can get to the airport.


If you choose to stay we will provide you with information regarding anything you may want to do.  

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