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Intuitive Mastery Program

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​​​Intuitive Mastery Program

with Richard Lanza​

Introduction to Intuitive Mastery - Level 1


6 Sessions:  Dates/Times to be announced


Cost $300 Early Registration Discount -If registered by 5 days prior

Cost $350 Late Registration Discount -If registered less than 5 days prior


Limit 12 Students


Introduction To Intuitive Mastery Program is geared for the individual who has a strong desire to awaken and further develop their intuitive and psychic abilities.  Class is open to all levels of experience. 


Each participant will have the opportunity to discover their own unique style for receiving information through the intuitive senses. In this 5-session program you will better understand how the intuitive process works, learn techniques to deepen psychic ability, have direct experience of receiving information via psychic channels, become more aware of synchronistic events in your daily life, and practice doing psychic / intuitive readings on others. 


Throughout the program there is a strong underlying component of developing greater self-trust and commitment to personal growth.

For more information, contact Richard: or call 781-843-8224.

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