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"I would recommend this store to anyone I know who is interested in esoterics or metaphysical studies"

I would recommend this store to anyone I know who is interested in esoterics or metaphysical studies. Reiki practitioners are very knowledgeable, the tarot readers and mediums are spot on, book selection is fantastic, their crystal selection is amazing, and they have a great array of custom jewelry with crystals and stones. and to top it all of, the staff is warm and inviting!  Nick Beaudoin (Google Review)


"The girl that assisted me was fabulous!"

Today I stopped and opened doors for the first time in ages. The girl that assisted me was fabulous! I found everything I wanted and, I got all the answers I needed. Joanne Keegan (Google Review)


"... a beautiful, tranquil place hosting so many healing workshops."

Open Doors is a beautiful, tranquil place hosting so many healing workshops. They seem to have added quite a bit to their inventory. Marlene Clark (Google Review)


"This is my favorite place."

This is my favorite place. I could spend a full day here and everyone is amazing!  halah toti (Google Review)


"...Very peaceful place!"

I did a reading over the phone with Marie. She was excellent. Spot on. Very kind and listening. She definitely knew what she was talking about. I also love the selection of books and crystals in the store. Very peaceful place! Jacqueline Branch (Google Review)


"...the prices are amazing for what you're getting."

What an amazing store! It has a little bit of everything for everyone, the staff is extremely respectful and helpful. And I have to say the prices are amazing for what you're getting. I love this place and have been shopping there for years and look forward to shopping for many more! Kris Dailey-Walker (Google Review)


"Having a reading is always fun."

I've always loved this store. I'm not really a holistic type person, no spells or anything but I love all things zodiac (they have in abundance) and meaningful gifts (also a great selection.) Plus, having a reading is always fun. Val B. (Facebook Review)


"She was for real and everybody raved about what a good time they had!"

I have been to this store before and second what another reviewer said about the store being the best new age store they've ever been. The place is awesome. The reason I'm writing this review though is because last Friday I hosted a 'psychic party' at my home. I had called the store to set one up and their coordinator couldn't have been more pleasant and quick to return phone calls while we tried to arrange it. Barbara was the psychic who ended up doing the readings at my party. There were 12(!) of us and Barbara did a great job. She spent a good amount of time with *everybody* (more than I expected her to, to be honest) and everybody was happy with both her and her readings. She really nailed some things with everybody she read, and of course she did not know any of us beforehand. She was for real and everybody raved about what a good time they had! Jill S. (Yelp Review)


"The psychics there are very accurate, compassionate, wise and patient."

I love Open Doors. They have a very diverse store which is also highly educational. I love the quality of the oils and candles they have as well as crystals, books, and kirlian photography. It has a really good vibe inside and is a great place to go for the afternoon. The psychics there are very accurate, compassionate, wise and patient. In the hardest times of my life, when I was not sure who to call, they helped me greatly to guide me to the next step, not just to tell me what was going on in my life. As an astrologer and healer myself, I highly recommend them, especially Brion. I'm not sure what the problem was with the other reviewers, but I can say the people in the store have always been very nice and intelligent. Check it out and see for yourself! C.M. (Yelp Review)

"Overall a charming place!"

I've always felt very welcomed's an unusual shop for a town like Braintree. Very helpful staff - they were happy to order a statue for me that they didn't have in stock. Loved that purchase! Great selection of healing stones too! Also a friend of mine recently had a Reiki treatment there and she said it was amazing. She was given a lot of specific attention to her situation and the woman giving the treatment was willing to talk with her afterward about what was going on in her life. She said it was nice not feeling like she was going to be rushed out in order for a new client to come in. Overall a charming place! Carol R.


"Open Doors ROCKS the House!!!"

Great Day to All, I had heard about Open Doors thru other people and did not have much interest UNTIL... I aggravated my back. In search of relief I tried Chiropractor, not much help and was pushed toward massage, acupuncture, yoga etc. On December 18, 2008 I experienced Reiki at Open Doors, my 1st Reiki experience. The effect of this Energy Healing was so great, I felt as if the weight of the world was lifted off me and I felt as good as I remembered as a child, what an AWESOME, Freeing, Cleansing I enjoyed.

In between my Reiki sessions I had the best 1st massage experience by their massage therapists, Craig and Matt. It is just another super experience I had at Open Doors. Well just so you know I went back 2 more times for Reiki with my girlfriend whom also experienced very similar feelings. It moved me in a way I had not expected. I talked with the woman, a Reiki Master and actually went to her as a student to also be attuned to practice. I plan to give freely "my" services at Open Doors on Thursdays with my teacher. You see they only ask for a donation which Open Doors then turns over to local Charities!!! That's so awesome my chance to give of myself rather than take and also to help charities by learning Reiki and practicing it there for free!!! Open Doors ROCKS the House!!! They have many gift items, Angels, incense, gems and crystals, and fabulous books about everything including Reiki. :) Peter D.​


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