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Beyond Fear.
Beyond Self Imposed Limitations.

Firewalking has been practiced by many people and cultures in all parts of the world, with the earliest known reference dating back over 1,000 years. It is often used as a rite of passage, as a test of an individual's strength and courage, or as part of a spiritual practice. I invite you to experience a firewalk for yourself as a way of self empowerment and personal healing.


FireWalks are held at various times of the year.  

Available for Private Groups or Corporate Events.

Contact Richard at richardlanza1@gmail.com.

The operations listed in this website  "Firewalking", "Energy Healing Intensive", and "Retreats" are operations that are not done as part of Richard Lanza's Open Doors Inc, d/b/a Open Doors, but are offered independently through Richard Lanza and are not part of Open Doors offerings.   Richard Lanza uses the website to advertise these operations for himself and not for the Open Doors store. 





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