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Meet our Psychics, Mediums & Tarot Readers

Richard Lanza Face Pic.jpg


Richard Lanza, ERYT, CYT, has been exploring the different branches of yoga and forms of holistic health for over 50 years with special focus on psychic development and energy healing. His background also includes training in Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Massage, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Healing, Essene Therapy and Therapeutic Touch. He is the originator and owner of OPEN DOORS HOLISTIC AND METAPHYSICAL CENTER and OPEN DOORS YOGA STUDIOS, Creator of the OPEN DOORS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMS, Co-Director of the OPEN DOORS School of Energy Healing, Creator and Instructor of the Intuitive Mastery Program, producer of Guided Meditation CD's and creator of TranceFormation Workshops. He also has received training and certification from Tolly Burkan as a FireWalk Facilitator. 

His heart-felt purpose in all his endvours is to provide the space to allow individuals the opportunity to transform their lives to empower themselves, lighten up and enjoy life, deepen their spiritual practice, explore their potential, and discover their unique truth.

Richard continues to follow his passion through his work at Open Doors in Braintree, as well as traveling internationally teaching yoga, energy healing, and self-inquiry as a 'meditative' practice.

Richard is not currently offering readings. Please contact the store to inquire about appointments with Richard.

Image by Viva Luna Studios

Abigail has over 40 years of professional experience as a reader, teacher, medium, healer and lecturer. She combines her natural gifts of intuition, teaching, and healing with decades of professional experience to give her clients an insightful, detailed, and accurate reading. Abigail’s readings are straightforward, honest and open. She is dedicated to helping her clients resolve every day issues, as well as to recognize their life’s path, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals.

Abigail teaches Tarot, The Empath’s Way, Psychic Development, as well as many other classes and workshops. She is a licensed teacher, Reiki II practitioner and hands on healer.


Specialties: Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Playing Cards, Dream Interpretation, Past Life Reading, Personal Cleansing 

Combo Readings: Astrology, Crystal Ball, Numerology, Palmistry, Pendulum, Psychometry, Spirit Guides

Adam K.jpeg


AJ  is a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Intuitive Tarot Reader & Aura and Chakra Analyst. They have been working with and reading energy since they were a teenager. Their passion for the Tarot, the chakras and energy healing has led them to help people who are looking for guidance, who want to release what is not serving them and who seek more positive perspective in life. 


AJ has trained with Richard Lanza, Pat Iyer, Moe Smith, Kristen Bredimus and many others. They were the store manager of Open Doors in Braintree for over 20 years. They look forward to helping clients through the reading and healing abilities they have been refining their entire life. 

Allison face pic.jpg

Allison has been reading for over 30 years. Using her Angelic Intuition she connects with the angels and spirit guides of those she reads for. This connection allows her to answer the important questions her clients bring and also helps to guide them
to their greatest path of success. Allison, being a strong believer of manifesting miracles, is always excited to ask that very important question. If you could create the perfect life. What would that look like? Using Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Empathic Energy and Angelic Intuition she works to bring Hope and Inspiration to those she reads for.

Specialties: Tarot Cards and Oracle Card

anita 2023.png

Anita has walked a spiritual path for many years, and aims to help guide
others through difficult times with simple and realistic approaches to their
situation. Having been strongly connected to her intuitive and empathic nature
since childhood, Anita is able to pick up on the emotions and energy of others.
She strives to create a safe space that helps her clients to easily recieve spiritual
guidance. Being a Level Two Reiki practicioner and trained in Aura
Photography, her knowledge encompasses the Chakras, their influences, as well
as how to work with each one; often utilizing crystals for their many benefits.
She uses her intuition and teachings striving to help others connect with their
inner potential, and pursue their best path.

Specialties: Aura Photo & Readings with Chakra Analysis​, Tarot Cards



Brion is an eclectic reader, who is extremely empathetic and highly intuitive. His skills include Tarot master, energy healer, and level two practitioner. He uses his many gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychometry, and occasionally sense of smell, as well as tarot cards, spirit talk and angels to help answer his clients’ questions. His spirit guides provide the information the clients need to hear, in the manner that is most needed and beneficial to the client. Brion has over four decades of professional reading experience, with many long-term clients. He sees this as his calling.


“I have been receiving psychic messages since before I was five.”

He has been working with Open Doors since 2006. Took time off to care for his mother and to help her pass into the next world. He also took this time to contemplate life.


“During the readings if you have any questions, need to go back over something or want to change direction of the reading, just step in, and let me know. It is your reading and I want you to have the best possible experience. The more questions the better.”

Specialties:  Tarot Cards, Phone Readings



Darlene is a Reiki Master who uses the tarot and her natural psychic abilities to assist you in seeing what actions to take that are in accordance with your highest good. She has seen spirit since she was a child and has worked at developing and enhance her given gifts.


Darlene has studied intuitive readings, the Tarot, psychometry (jewelry reading), pendulum work, automatic writing, meditation, herbal medicine, Bach Flower Remedies and is a graduate of the Open Doors School of Energy Healing. Her interest in the metaphysical world started in the 80's and has studied under Rev. Albert Armstrong, Trudy Bledsoe, Richard Lanza, Pat Iyer and has attended many Medicine Wheel Circles.

Specialties: Tarot Cards

Combo Readings: Pendulum, Psychometry


Grace has over 10 years of experience as a reader, physical medium, and healer. She combines her natural gifts of intuition, compassion, and energy healing into all her client offerings. Her reading style is one of putting the client at ease while sharing information intended to guide towards a healthy life path through clearing obstacles, aiding in manifesting life goals. 


Specialties include:  Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Oracle Cards, Dream Interpretation, Animal Communication

Combo Readings: Animal Communication

heather new.jpg

Psychic from birth, Heather’s gifts intensified in 2001 and she has been reading for clients around the world ever since. A psychic medium, an intuitive life coach, a public speaker, and meditation coach. She does personal readings, group forums, classes, workshops and more. Listening to guides, and loved ones, she takes a no nonsense, approach to readings. She combines compassion with humor and gentle guidance as she connects with those who have passed on and provides practical help for the living. She has recently relocated to the Boston area.

Specialties: Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Animal Communication, Medical Intuitive, Medium

Combo Readings: Animal Communication, Medical Intuitive, Medium, Pendulum, Psychometry, Spirit Guides


Jaymie has been an intuitive psychic and medium from an early age. Jaymie was first introduced to the Tarot at the age of 12. She has deepened her mediumship and tarot readings skills through years of dedicated study and practice.

At the age of 5 Jaymie began having feelings of déjà vu and a sensing of knowing events before they took place. She also had precognitive dreams. Loved ones, as well as friends, would come to her in dreams, to communicate or to say goodbye before they had passed. When her grandmother passed away when she was a child, she knew of the passing long before she had been told.

Jaymie also uses other divination tools such as pendulums, dowsing rods, tea leaves, photos, crystal ball, scrying, and palmistry.

Jaymie, has also studied Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and is a Reiki II practitioner.

Specialties: Tarot Cards, Mediumship, Crystal Ball, Scrying, Palmistry, Pendulum, Coffee Grinds

Joanne D.png

Joanne an empath, psychic, and medium who works from the heart’s center of intuition, healing, and love to help people achieve their highest good. She is able to connect with people on the psychic level to bring into their awareness feelings and perceptions about their life path, and about specific situations they are facing on their life path. She has a spirit team who assists me in bringing through loved ones in spirit to assist them in communicating messages to those who are on the physical plane. This includes pets who have passed. Joanne has been part of a physical mediumship circle working with a number of mediums, guides, and angels to develop direct voice mediumship, and uses her intuitive psychic ability and tarot/oracle cards.

Specialties: Mediumship, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Angel Cards

Liz Holbrook Photo.jpeg

Liz is a tarot reader who also practices multiple approaches to energy healing. Her intuitive readings draw on her ability as a Reiki Master to channel positive energy throughout the session. She identifies the potential within individuals to highlight what is achievable, and reminds them that they are only ones who can decide their future. She believes strongly in offering support, and her tarot readings include guidance to initiate positive growth in your life, love and work.


Liz’s spiritual and energetic studies include the Tarot, Usui Reiki, Akashic Records, Chakras, Animistic principles, internal journeying, energetic boundaries, meditation, and yoga.


Specialties: Tarot, Usui Reiki, Akashic Records, Chakras, Animistic principles, internal journeying, energetic boundaries, meditation, and yoga


Lori was born gifted. She always knew she was different and at 15 she discovered paganism and she found the answers as to why. Her best friend handed her a Tarot deck one day and "that was it." She knew she was meant to have found this. She has since then spent the last ten years working with family and friends to fine tune her gifts and has come to the realization that she wants to share her unique gifts with the public. Lori is a powerful empath and clairaudient well as a dream psychic and medium, and wants to help those seeking their path find it. She focuses on how to help people see what they need to in order to get where they are going as well as passing healing messages from angels, Gods and Goddesses, spirit guides and I quote " anyone else who wants to say something positive". She welcomes any and all to come visit her.

Specialties: Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Oracle Cards, Dream Interpretation

Combo Readings: Astrology,  Crystals, Medical Intuitive



Marie's unique talents are revealed as she explores her client's desires and future. Marie is a trained in the Middle East Tradition of Coffee Ground readings, Tarot cards and playing cards.


She has been reading professionally for over 30 years. Her advice is highly respected by her clients and other psychics. Marie has a loving way of relaying the accurate psychic information that she receives.

Specialties: Psychic Tarot Phone Readings



Mario Marz, HP is a tarot reader, natural Psychic, Empath and initiated in the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft. He knew from an early age that he was different in the way he saw and heard things around him. His intuition still guides him to this very day in readings. His readings not only shine a light on what is going on, but also help provide his clients with a plan and pathway towards clarity on their journey. They include take-aways and options that help clients become unstuck in what truly matters to them about love, finances and life.


His passion is the metaphysical, spiritual growth and inquiry of the journey. His love for spirit and energy and vibration along the spirit path has kept him connected to the woods, oceans and the stars. He feels honored to serve others in their journey and spiritual path. Along with his American Indian heritage and Shamanic studies he is also an initiate of the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple and a graduate of the Laurie Cabot Academy of Witchcraft as an Art and Science and also hold certification for Tarot Card Reader directly from Laurie Cabot. Along with certifications from the Cabot Academy, which he has studied for over 30 years, he has also studied with different spiritual paths from Gurus to Saints from India and a follower of the Bhakti path.


His clients truly enjoy his honest, caring approach, as they laugh and smile through the bright points of their lives. Many of his clients often reschedule. He looks forward to speaking and connecting with you to discuss relationships, career and what is happening within your life.

Specialties: Oracle Cards, Psychic Tarot

Combo Readings: Crystal Ball, Crystals, Psychometry, Pendulum


Mikki is a Psychic Intuitive and Empath, he uses these abilities to read the pathways that the Tarot shows for his clients. With 16 years of experience Mikki is well versed in almost all things metaphysical including crystals, herbs and Energy Healing. A reading from Mikki will be direct and straight forward, with all messages conveyed in a compassionate empathic way. Mikki combines the best parts of practical action with sharp perception to help guide you on your individual path. 

Specialties: Tarot

Paul Pic.jpg

Paul has had an interest in the paranormal and metaphysical world since a very young age.  Because of having experienced tarot / psychic readings himself, Paul was motivated to take classes (many at Open Doors) to explore his own psychic and intuitive abilities. Over the years he has learned to use tarot cards, as well as pendulums, to gain intuitive/psychic information. Paul’s readings are up-lifting, healing, give insight to current circumstances, and offer gentle guidance to support individuals to move in positive directions.  Paul is also a Reiki and hand-on energy practitioner who offers his services with kindness and an open heart.

Specialties: Tarot Cards



RedViolet Crystal, began reading tarot after having a double brain aneurysm in 2012. At that time she became aware of her intuitive and spiritual gifts.  In knowing this she felt it necessary to share her gifts to help those that seek guidance from spirit. She loves her work and looks forward to connecting with each of her clients. 

Specialties: Tarot Cards, Angel Cards & Oracle Cards


Renee is an empathic energy reader and since she was small, she could sense the emotions of others deeply. She uses her abilities to help others overcome emotional situations in their lives. Her ability to sense other people’s emotions motivates her to spread kindness to the world, knowing that one person can make a big difference in someone’s day by taking a moment to spread some kindness. People are drawn to Renee empathically and it is not uncommon for people who need her, to find her. Whether in a store or at an event - they receive unconditional love and support from her. As she got older, she has developed her ability to read tarot cards and is able to use her empathic ability and tarot cards to guide others on their life journey.

Specialties: Tarot Cards

Combo Readings: Pendulum


Scarlett was raised in an environment of all things metaphysical. Palmistry, astrology, numerology, Tarot, Tea leaf reading, crystals, and herbalism always seemed to work their way into most conversations... It was just normal, nothing special.
Growing through adulthood Scarlett has immersed herself in daily yoga and meditation practice. During a meditation, she was shown a clear instruction. It was time to begin using her empathy and intuition for the greater good, and So began her deep dive into Tarot practice.
After 10 years, she has transitioned from reading & advising friends & family, to working for the collective at Open Doors. With the intention of highest and best for all she comes in contact with, her readings are clear & precise with intuitive guidance for you to attain your highest and best self! Namaste 🙏🏼

Specialties: Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Palmistry

On Call Readers


Dubbed Open Door’s Twin Flame and Love Specialist, Amal is an intuitive tarot reader and Reiki practitioner, specializing in romance and relationship readings. Her gifts are found in distinguishing twin flame, soulmate and karmic connections and she holds a passion to help others along their own specific journeys.  

Amal received her Shamanic Reiki Master Certification with Shamanic Reiki Worldwide and One Spirit Learning Alliance in NYC. Her education lies in primarily in traditional Reiki and Hawaiian Shamanism. A practitioner for over 7 years, Amal travels the world working as both a classical musician and intuitive energy practitioner, using tarot and sound as her favorite healing modalities. 

Specialties: Specialty Love / Relationship Readings, Tarot Cards and Oracle Card

Divina 2023.jpg

Divina is absolutely passionate about reading cards and helping others open the spiritual doorway for themselves. Immersed in her study of the holistic since before the age of ten, Divina has systematically built her skill set focusing on Psychic Card Readings, Reiki, and Mediumship building a strong repetitive client base.

Intuitive as a child, Divina’s senses heightened in her teens when she I noticed she would see and sense spirits and know the outcome of situations. In her twenties she became highly religious and got immersed in church and the word of God while living in TX. Since returning to MA several years ago she have returned to her love of the spiritual from a place of love and absolute accuracy. Her focus is to enlighten and to help bring positive changes with relationships, finance, and health.

Specialties: Divina is a Reiki Master, IET Practitioner & Certified Tarot Reader.



Harold is a natural intuitive and empath with a kind heart. He gives accurate, straightforward readings with honesty. He recognizes the individual needs of each client and can offer anything from gentle guidance to complete frankness.

Harold was guided in the ways of the metaphysical world by a very close family friend. She shared her knowledge of crystals, candles, and the fundamentals of spell work. Since then, Harold has educated himself in the ways of tarot, oracle cards, and pendulum dowsing. He uses his gifts in his readings to offer clarity and light even in the darkest and most confusing times.

Harold completed Richard Lanza's Intuitive Mastery course; which as a most pleasant side effect brought him to the Open Doors Family.

Specialties: Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Pendulum

Combo Readings:  Pendulum

Jacqueline D.jpeg


Jacqueline has been honing her skills as a reader for many years. She is a gifted healer with a strong intuition and natural empathy skills. She is guided to assist those in need of love and guidance. Her heart-felt readings combine the use of tarot blended with psychic information.

Specialties: Tarot Cards



Louise has been intuitive from a young age with a deep sense of ‘knowing’. She has studied astrology and is certified in Reiki levels 1 and 2. Her passion is reading tarot and oracle cards. She uses the cards with her intuition as tools to help guide people understand their current situation in life, as well as, exploring one’s life path. Louise uses the tarot as a focal point for conversation between herself and her client to assist in creating greater personal clarity for any situation. She believes everyone has free will and the tarot is a tool to seek greater insight and understanding.

Specialties: Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards

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