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Classes and Events with Kerry Wisner

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Kerry Wisner has been involved in the Magical Arts for much of his life. Being accepted at an early age as a student of a woman who practiced Traditional Witchcraft with roots reaching to the Basque region of Europe, he trained with her until her death. In the years that followed he went on to study a variety of forms of Western Magical Arts including Hermetics, Astrology and Ancient Egyptian magic. He is the author of multiple books and articles on magical practices. His most recent work is "The Geassa" series of books, including “The Willow Path: Witchcraft, Hermetics & the Hidden Wisdom of the Magical Arts” as well as “Horns of the Moon: Techniques in Traditional Magical Arts” focusing on Traditional Witchcraft. Kerry lives in the forests of New Hampshire where he continues to write and teach.

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Class Recordings with Kerry Wisner

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Available Class Recordings

From the early writings found in Ancient Egypt to the practice of Traditional Witchcraft herbal oils and essentials have been a vital part of practical magic for thousands of years. Yet, few people today understand how to make, empower, and use these to bring the results desired. Join author Kerry Wisner as he leads this workshop describing the preparation and uses of many different oils, from simple infusions to complex recipes. He will also teach various ways of applying oils on oneself for greater personal power, in spell casting, to the art of discreetly using oils when influencing a situation or other people. A number of rare and unique traditional recipes will be given in detail during this class.

Incense, Powders & Potions of Traditional Witchcraft

In this class Kerry Wisner, author of multiple books on the Occult and magic, will present the techniques and recipes for preparing and using a number of traditional incenses, potions and powder used in practical magic.  All of these are drawn from historical magical sources, from magical grimoires and older spell books, folkloric accounts to Ancient Egyptian temples.  Planetary incense, smoke for calling spirits as well as repel evil entities, potions to influence others, powders to draw love, luck and prosperity, and more  will be presented in easy to follow instructions.

Bones, Stone, Soot, & Fodder

Bark and herbs, stones and bones, wax and soot, all are the ingredients used by Traditional Witches in the weaving of their spells. Unlike many other forms of magic that call for rare and exotic elements the Witch uses those items found easily in nature, oftentimes in the local in which she lives. Join author, Kerry Wisner, as he describes various ingredients used in spell casting that are both traditional and easy to obtain. In this virtual class we will discuss the uses of different herbs and barks in the making of charms, how bones can be empowered, the use of smoke and soot in magic. We will also discuss different stones, minerals and metals, and how their power is harnessed by the Witch. From the shed skin of snakes, the use of hair, fur and feathers, to how a person’s own hair and other bodily extractions can be applied in practical traditional magic.

The Hidden Cypher

In all practical Magical Arts numbers play a vital role. Everything answers to a natural rhythm that can be seen in the knowledge of numbers. Numerology is the science and art of using these rhythms to regulate and control the flow of energies in magic. From the use of various symbols formed by their placement on various numerical magic squares known as "Kameas" to how objects are placed in spells to increase power, an understanding of the occult use of numbers is vital in the Magical Arts. Join author Kerry Wisner as he explains the use of numbers in spells and rituals. With this we will explore the two seemingly different systems that emerged from a single ancient occult source.

Amulets, Sigils and Secret Seal of Protective Magic

As a followup to the in store class "Setting the Wards" this virtual workshop will present various amulets, sigils and arcane seals used to protect oneself, family and home. From house clearing and protective amulets, to seals carried to ensure safety, pentacles and symbols meant to reverse curses and repel negative energies, as well as seals used to counteract and control spirits and other entities all will be presented. Each are drawn from historical folkloric research and years of practical application. In this workshop author Kerry Wisner will discuss symbols found in ancient magical texts from Egypt into medieval books, as well as various 'Witch Marks' found in Europe, England and Colonial America.

Ladies of the Moon: The Moon in Magic & Witchcraft

The Moon is perhaps the most powerful influence used in sorcery and Witchcraft.  In this recorded workshop author Kerry Wisner presents an in-depth discussion on Moon Magic, from the uses of the different phases in magic, to the meaning and purpose of each different Full Moon during the course of the year.  He explores the daily influence of the twenty-eight “Ladies of the Moon” and how they influence spells and rituals.  Kerry continues with detailed instruction on the use of the Moon in scrying, various tools used to collect the energy of the Moon as well as the elements of a Traditional Witchcraft Full Moon Ritual.

The Traditional Witch's Garden

In the Craft herbs, flowers, woods, roots and berries are all essential ingredients in many spells, potions and incense.  In this recorded classes Kerry Wisner discusses many different plants and herbs used in the magical arts.  From growing and harvesting these, to collecting them in the wild.   The class explores a wide variety of uses, with tips on growing these in relation to Moon phases, preparing them for magic, as well as different formulae and spells used by
magicians and Witches throughout history. 

The Voice of the Witch: Incantations & Enchantments in Traditional Witchcraft

One of the most important tools of the Witch is her own voice and how she uses this when casting a spell.  In this recorded workshop author Kerry Wisner teaches the different uses of incantations and how to deliver these through the "charged breath".  He will explore the ways in which both voice and tone are used to increase the power of spells, induce trance, raise power, and call on otherworld beings. The class also discuss the use of musical tones in their relation to the planets and different occult realms. This unique class presents teachings rarely discussed in public.

Words of Power: Their use in Traditional Witchcraft

There is a long tradition of using a variety of "Words of Power" in ritual magic, yet few people realize that these same words can be very powerful when used in practical magic.  In this one of a kind workshop, author Kerry Wisner discusses the history of  various Words of Power, as well as their use in spell casting to gain lasting results.  From Ancient Egyptian through  various words drawn from medieval books of magic, to the use of different Gaelic chants, the ways that these can be applied by today's Witch are discussed in detail.

Through the Looking Glass: The use of Mirrors in Traditional Magic & Witchcraft

A long tradition surrounds the use of mirrors, pools, polished and clear stones, as well as other reflective objects in magic.  From scrying and divination, their use as portals to ‘astral’ realms and dimensions, to objects used to collect power; the mirror is a powerful tool for the Witch.  On this recording author Kerry Wisner discusses the many different uses of the mirror, from black  mirrors, silvered mirrors, pools of water, the use of ink, Witch Balls set in Mugwort, the crystal ball, the ‘Mirror Box’, to the use of copper and silver bowls.  Mirrors are not only used in divination, they are also important tools for spirit summoning and to drive negative forces away.  This class presents all of these in easy to follow instruction.

Spirits In The Night: Hauntings, Spirit Boards & Summoning The Dead

For many people the idea of summoning spirits can seem frightening. Bur for the Witch spirits are allies who aid her in her work. Join author Kerry Wisner as he discusses hauntings, spirits and the different ways that these can manifest and be called. From the use of spirit boards and séances, to complete rituals for spirit scrying and the summoning of otherworld beings as found in Traditional Witchcraft.

Season Of The Witch - Halloween & Samhain Rites For Calling The Dead

Halloween, also known as Samhain, is an ancient festival in which spirits of the dead are summoned and communicated with. In this workshop author, Kerry Wisner, explains the origins and history of this unique festival, from its ancient pagan beginnings to its practice today. He also examines different folk customs and spells for calling the dead. The class presents a detailed look at an actual Traditional Witchcraft Samhain ritual and how this calls spirits and the "elder beings" to the Witch. Ritual instructions, recipes for the incenses used, as well as what to expect once the rite is performed will all be given.

Setting Of The Wards - Psychic Self Defense, Protection, And Counter Magic

We are all surrounded by unseen forces and psychic interference, some of which is maliciously summoned by others. In this workshop author, Kerry Wisner, teaches how to set psychic protections in your home, create talismans that can be carried and reverse curses. This class also discusses how to determine if one is under psychic attack, learn the different forms this can take, create a formidable defense against these whether they come from spirits of those who may be cursing one. 

Wisner Class Recordings

The ability to slip easily into trance and altered states of consciousness is one of the most important talents of the Traditional Witch. This is done through ritual and spells, hypnosis, astral working techniques, as well as a number of other means. In this class Kerry Wisner will present clear examples and instructions on how to enter different states of awareness. He will also discuss the different purposes for achieving this; from awareness of spirits and otherworld beings, to past life recall, traveling in spirit, sending the 'second skin' or thought forms, to influencing others from afar. Kerry is , author of multiple books on magic and Traditional Witchcraft, as well as being a certified Hypnotherapist and Forensic Investigative Hypnotist.

Some of the most important tools found in traditional magical arts are the wand and the staff.  Each of these hold different, yet vital purposes in the practice of magic.  Join author Kerry Wisner in this unique online workshop as he examines the history and lore surrounding these; drawing examples from Ancient Egyptian magic, Solomonic and Hermetic conjurations, to the use of these in Traditional Witchcraft.  With this he will explain the preparation, enchantment and use of different wands and staves.  From the Witch’s Stang or forked staff, wands of summoning, the Heka or serpent wand, to smaller wands that can be carried secretly.  Each is drawn from traditional sources.

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