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August 10 & 11, Open Doors Yoga Studios, Weymouth Studio

The Awakening:  Remembering The Essential Nature of Self


Just as the sun can be obscured by clouds, our essential nature gets obscured by thoughts, feelings, reactions, and that which we identify with. This retreat is a profound opportunity to explore & experience one’s essential nature or natural state of being which is always available, infinitely present, peaceful, and loving.


In this “retreat” experience you will be exploring the path of self-inquiry through contemplation, paired sharing, and guided meditation.  This journey requires a willingness to explore and express the truth of your being.

For those practicing yoga, this retreat will support you in deepening your understanding of the foundation of non-dualistic yogic philosophy.

Participants will be called before the workshop for a brief interview where they will be able to ask questions about the experience and hear an overview of the retreat experience.

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