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Pet Reiki

Call 781-843-8224 to Schedule an Appointment or contact Shawn Directly at

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Reiki Practitioner, Also Specializes in Pet Reiki (Available By Appointment In Store)

For appointments contact Open Doors at 781-843-8224 or email at  For more information about Rene visit

Discover the extraordinary world of healing with Renee, a passionate and dedicated Reiki
Practitioner deeply attuned to the mind-body-spirit connection. Renee has cultivated her
skills to guide individuals on a transformative journey towards healing, growth, and self-

Immerse yourself in a realm where Renee's expertise, compassion, and commitment to
holistic healing have touched the lives of many, empowering them to embrace authenticity
and live a life of balance, joy, and purpose. Whether you're seeking relaxation, healing,
personal growth, or guidance, Renee is your trusted ally on this empowering journey.

Pet Reiki

Step into a holistic haven with Renee, where the benefits of energy healing extend to our
cherished animal companions. Specializing in Pet Reiki, Renee offers a gentle and non-
invasive method to enhance the well-being of pets, promoting balance and harmony in their
lives. Her practice is grounded in a deep understanding of the profound connection between
humans and animals, creating a nurturing environment where healing energies flourish.

Experience the unique and transformative power of Pet Reiki – a gentle approach that
enhances your beloved pet's vitality and overall well-being. As a dedicated practitioner,
Renee brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to every session, creating a
harmonious space were positive energy flows freely. Give your furry friend the extraordinary
gift of holistic healing and witness the profound impact of Pet Reiki on their physical and
emotional balance. Invest in their wellness journey today.

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