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Life Coaching

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Energy Healing, Psychic Development, Intuitive Counseling, Meditation Training

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Richard Lanza, ERYT, CYT, has been exploring the different branches of yoga and forms of holistic health for over 40 years with special focus on psychic development and forms of energy healing. His background also includes training in Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Massage, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Healing, Essene Therapy and Therapeutic Touch. He is the originator and owner of OPEN DOORS HOLISTIC AND METAPHYSICAL CENTER and OPEN DOORS YOGA STUDIOS,  OPEN DOORS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM, facilitor and main instructor ESSENTIAL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM, Co-Director of the OPEN DOORS School of Energy Healing, Creator and Instructor of the Intuitive Mastery Program, producer of Hypno-Meditation CD's and creator of TranceFormation Workshops. He also has received training and certification from Tolly Burkan as a FireWalk Facilitator. He teachers psychic development, meditation, and yoga trainings nationally and internationally.

His passion is Vinyasa style of yoga. As a yoga instructor his classes blend the intensity and focus of a Vinyasa Yoga practice with a playful attitude towards the challenge. Richard believes his purpose is to provide the space to allow individuals the opportunity to transform their lives. As an instructor, his intent is to support his students to empower themselves, lighten up and enjoy life, deepen their spiritual practice, explore their potential, and discover their unique truth.

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Yoga Therapy, Pain Management & Relief, Life Coaching, Private Yoga Teacher Training Program (200 & 300 Hour, Yin, Somatics, Restorative, Philosophy)

Call Shawn 617-610-8683 or to book a private session. 

Shawn has been teaching yoga for over 25 years both in the United States and internationally.  In addition to being an E-RYT-500 certified yoga teacher, he is also a Certified Yoga Therapist through IAYT.  He also has extensive training with Yin Yoga, Meridian Yoga, and Yoga for Anxiety & Depression.  His studies have also included an 800 Hour Advanced Teacher Training in Yogic Philosophy & 100 Hour Advanced Breath Techniques Program.  In addition to his trainings, Shawn has a vibrant Yoga Therapy practice where he assists individuals in body awareness, pain reduction, and personal transformation. 


Shawn travels internationally teaching diverse styles of yoga, as well as offering a 200 & 300 hour yoga teacher training.  His home locations are in Braintree, MA, USA and Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as teaching time spent in Tokyo, Japan.  He offers in-person and remote training in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Somatics, Functional Breathing, and Yoga for Anxiety & Depression.


As a yoga instructor Shawn teaches classes that are focused on breath and functional movement of the body. His classes are geared toward students who want to explore the inner spaces of the body and mind.  The classes are both physically challenging and at the same time very accessible & nurturing.  He uses his knowledge of meridians, yin yoga, therapeutic yoga, breath work and his fascination with yoga's rich history to create classes which are informative and allow students to move in ways that support their unique structure.

Call 781-843-8224 to Schedule an Appointment or contact Shawn Directly at

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Life Coaching, Coaching, EFT Sessions 

For appointments contact Open Doors at 781-843-8224 or email at

Heather Meehan took a leap of faith and moved to Massachusetts in 2017, where she quickly found a home at Open Doors. Psychic from birth, she has been a practicing medium since 2001 and has worked with people worldwide. Heather found that sessions often addressed her clients' life issues instead of just communicating with loved ones. She has since built a thriving coaching and mentoring practice. Whether they are relationship patterns, family cycles, or just feeling lost and in need of direction, Heather uses her intuition combined with various modalities and a no-nonsense approach to helping clients overcome their challenges.

Mentoring others that were just waking up came quite naturally to Heather. Simply put, she learned
the hard way and works to ensure the people she mentors benefit from her struggles. She guides
clients to help them learn to work with and develop their intuitive abilities as well as help them avoid
common pitfalls. Heather is offering her services through Open Doors and accepting new clients.

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