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395 Washington Street​

Braintree, MA

Open 7 Days 9am - 9pm

AuraStar/Biopulsar Readings with Charlene Leyland

Learn about your Chakra issues & how you can break old patterns.


Discover how to empower yourself & reach your full energy potential.


This in depth 30 minute reading includes:

  • Full Body Aura Picture

  • Chakra Analysis

  • Organ Vitality Assessment


Mind, Body, Spirit Readings

The Mind, Body, Spirit readings encompasses an organ vitality check of 49 different organs & glands. You will receive the numerical value of what each of these organs & glands are vibrating at. Charlene will give you some explanations about what the emotional cause may be if any of these organs are out of balance. You will receive information on how open each of your 7 chakras are & if any of these are out of balance what you can do to help to put them back into balance. You will also receive your own full body aura picture which Charlene will read on a physical, mental, emotional & Spiritual level as well. This is a very in-depth reading that will give you great insight into what you are vibrating out to the world. See what your energy reveals about you.


Nutritional Testing with Mind, Body, Spirit Reading

In addition, Charlene is also offering nutritional testing. The client brings 2-3 products that they are presently taking so that she can check to see if these products are of benefit to them. She aska that they do not take these products before they have their testing done. She will also test 2-3 products that she feels might be beneficial to them based on their organ vitality check-up. By testing these products with the Biopulsar, we can see immediately how the aura changes either positive or negative & also how the organ vitality has also changed positively or negatively. "I know that I have numerous vitamins that I have taken that I thought would be good for me but found little or no benefit from them. I have spent thousands of dollars on products that are sitting in my cupboard or I have thrown away in the past. This is a very effective way to see if what you are taking is right for you."


Online scheduling is not available. Please call 781-843-8224 to schedule your appointment.


Mind, Body, Spirit Readings

$65.00 for 30 Minutes


Schedule 2 consecutive appointments & pay only $120.00!


Nutritional Testing with Mind, Body, Spirit Reading

$95.00 for 45 Minutes


Payment is due at the time of booking.

Charlene Leyland is an independent Biopulsar owner. She has been working with clients throughout Canada, USA, Asia, South America and Europe since 1995 and with the Biopulsar & Chromalive since 1998. Charlene has done over 20,000 readings. Charlene is a Certified Biopulsar Analyst, Holistic Aura Counselor, Certified Chromalive Trainer, Emotional Polarity Therapist (EPT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapist. Charlene loves to learn and is constantly reading to expand her knowledge base so that she can share her insight & experiences with others.

Intuitive Mastery

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​​Intuitive Mastery Program

with Richard Lanza

Limit 10 Students

Thursdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm
2/7/13 - 3/21/13 (No class on 2/14)

Cost $250

Early Registration Discount - Pay $200 if registered by 5 days prior!

The Intuitive Mastery Program is geared for the individual who has a strong desire to awaken and further develop their intuitive and psychic abilities. Each participant will have the opportunity to discover their own unique style for receiving information through the "intuitive senses". In this 6 week program you will better understand how 'intuitions work', learn techniques to deepen psychic ability, have direct experience of receiving information via psychic channels, become more aware of 'synchronistic events in your daily life, and practice doing psychic readings on others.   
For more information, call 781-843-8224.





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