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Energy Healing Intensive


Hands on Healing - Basics & Beyond

An Energy Healing Intensive

Next session expected to begin 2019

Cost $300. Register early and pay only $275!

Energy is the universal life force, which grounds, supports, and nourishes us all. It is what connects us with each other and the world we live in. We are already working on an energetic level in many ways; thus capable of working with energy to discover our own healing potential. This hands on healing intensive is geared to both novice and experienced healer to develop and practice progressive skills in hands on healing. This is both a lecture and experiential program.

Limited to 10 students

Call 781-843-8224 for more information about this class.



Pat Iyer

Richard Lanza

The operations listed in this website  "Firewalking", "Energy Healing Intensive", and "Retreats" are operations that are not done as part of Richard Lanza's Open Doors Inc, d/b/a Open Doors, but are offered independently through Richard Lanza and are not part of Open Doors offerings.   Richard Lanza uses the website to advertise these operations for himself and not for the Open Doors store. 





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