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In ancient Chinese, Tibetan, Egyptian and Native American cultures, ear coning was away of clearing out a person’s ears without resorting to harmful surgery. These societies utilized ear coning in healing and to promote spiritual purification. When combined with an understanding of acupuncture, those skilled in coning knew how the ears coordinated with the body’s organs. The method of ear coning is fairly simple. Toxins and debris that have accumulated in the ear canals are literally sucked out by the powdery smoke from the cone. You are lying on your side on a table, your head resting on a pillow. One ear is coned at a time. Numerous positive claims have been made from those who’ve received ear coning. Many people report of being able to hear better, along with cleared up sinuses, more sensitive taste buds and even improved eyesight. As adults are experiencing this for the first time in their lives, the departure of decades of internal waste matter can affect them profoundly.

Ear Coning

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Ear Coning

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Leighton has had a spiritual connection with nature and animals her whole life. She grew up practicing natural remedy healing using herbs, oils, and crystals. She makes her own beauty products and practices ear candling. She studied yoga in the Open Doors yoga teacher training program and took tarot reading classes at Open Doors as well. She loves astrology and has been sensitive to energy and spirits her whole life. Leighton enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping others with their spiritual journey and healing.

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